Catalog Number Artist Release Name Year
BE22101 Pedro Alvarez Merry Christmas 1975
BE22508 Kool And The Gang Kool And The Gang & Funky Man 1969
BE24001 The Bamboos Of Jamaica Reggae Man & Candy 1970
BE24002 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Wientie Groove Part 1 And 2 1970
BE24003 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Alma & Groovy Girl 1970
BE24006 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Soldiers Prayer 1972
BE24007 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars How Will You Know 1971
BE24010 Sonora Paramarera Tik Wan Gang 1970
BE24011 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Honey Conny 1972
BE24012 Keith Beckingham At The Hammond And Royal Dukes Women In Love & A First Full Of Crumpet 1972
BE24013 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Mary 1972
BE24014 Sanora Paramarera Con Lord Bamboo Jimmy's Lazerus & El-Yo-Yo 1972
BE24015 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars A War I Never Wanted 1972
BE24017 The Twinkle Stars Singerman 1973
BE24018 Cymande The Message & Ras Tafarian Folk Song 1973
BE24019 Dan Lacksman Association You're Gonna Be My Friend 1973
BE24020 Oscar Harris And Billy Jones, Ft. The Twinkle Stars I'll Try My Hand & Betcha By Golly Wow 1973
BE24021 Dan Lacksman Happiness Is A Cold Beer 1973
BE24501 Elki And Owen And The Rim Ram Band Groovie Kinda Love 1970
BE24502 Owen Gray Red, Red Wine & Bangarang 1969
BE24504 Owen Grey And The Maximum Breed Dream Lover & Mudda - Granma - Reggie 1969
BE24505 Evil There Used To Be A Time & Queen Of Love 1970
BE24508 Kool And The Gang Kool And The Gang 1970
BE24510 Luiz Conga Piano Merengue & Negra Linda 1970
BE24512 The Merrymen Take Your Hand Away & Callalou Vs. Cou Cou 1971
BE24513 Nu-Sound Express Ltd. One More Time, You All 1973
BE24515 Prince Buster Dance, Cleopatra, Dance & Waiting For My Rude Girl 1972
BE24516 Prince Buster Al Capone & 007 1972
BE24517 Ernie Smith Pitta Patta & Litchfield Garden 1972
BE24518 Stranger And Hortense And Bunny Lee All Stars Bringing In The Sheaves & Wishbone 1972
BE24519 Ken Lazarus Hail The Man & Where Do I Go 1972
BE24520 Chakachas Stories & Judas Kiss 1972
BE24521 Kay Jackson Carnival 1972
BE24523 Dan Lacksman Association The Flamenco Moog 1972
BE24524 Sweeney Todd Demon Barber & Funky Meat Pies 1972
BE24525 Mongo Santamaria And His Band Last Tango In Paris & Teminha Pra Bebe 1973
BE24526 Ben E. King Do It Now 1972
BE24527 Sonny Bottari Easy Evil & Pickin' Up The Pieces 1973
BE24529 Cymande Bra & One More 1973
BE24531 Chakachas Noche De Amor 1973
BE24532 Chakachas Turtle Soup 1973
BE24533 Sam Beoble Look At Your Shoes 1973
BE24534 The Twinkle Stars Jerusalem 1973
BE24535 The Vibrations Bolder, Green And Jones 1973
BE24536 Manu Dibango Soul Makossa & Lily 1972
BE24537 Manu Dibango Dangwa Part 1 & Dangwa Part 2 1973
BE24538 The Vibrations The Man 1974
BE24539 The Chakachas Africa Yama 1970
BE24540 Oscar Harris Alta Gracia 1976
BE24541 Billy Jones I'll Keep Holding On & Badjie Number 3 1974
BE24542 Mongo Santamaria Watermelon Man & My Sound 1974
BE24543 El Chicles La La La & Streaking A Gogo 1974
BE24544 Oscar Harris Morning Side 1974
BE24545 Billy Jones Win Your Love & King Of The World 1974
BE24546 Brinkley & Parker Don't Get Fooled By The Pander Man 1974
BE24547 Billy Jones Badjie Number 3 & Win Your Love 1975
BE24550 The Chakachas Atencion 1970
BE24551 Mango Seinei Najo 1970
BE24552 Humphrey Campbell I Really Love You 1975
BE24553 Super Funk Super Funky La Bamba 1975
BE24560 Prince Buster Dance Cleopatra 1975
BE24561 The Twinkle Stars Oeng Egi Passi 1975
BE811001 Prince Buster Dance Cleopatra Dance 1972
BE811004 Dan Lacksman Dan Lacksman 1970
BE811016 El Chicles La La La 1974
BE811020 People's Pride 12 Super Soul Miami Hits 1976
BE822007 Dan Lacksman Untitled 1973
BE822011 Oscar Harris Sing Your Freedom Song 1975
BE855012 Reality Reality 1972
BE855019 Arsenio Rodriguez & The Afro-Cubano Sound Viva Arsenio! 1966
BE855023 Koutchy Koutchy Recorded Live At The Morgan Club ? 1970
BE855024 The Soul B.J'S Non Stop Disco Soul Party 1975
BE877015 La Sonora Panamarera And Lord Bamboo La Sonora Panamarera Con Lord Bamboo 1976
BE877020 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars 1970
BE877021 Chakachas Chakachas 1972
BE877031 Donna Hightower This World Today Is A Mess 1970
BE877032 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars And Billy Jones Ballads 1972
BE877033 Cymande Cymande 1973
BE877034 The Twinkle Stars Trotyl 1973
BE877036 The Vibrations The Vibrations 1973
BE877041 Manu Dibango Untitled 1973
BE877048 Sonora Paramarera Sonora Paramarera 1973
BE877051 Nico Gomez Piano Latino Americano Merengue 1973
BE877053 Rudy Plaate Rudy Plaate 1973
BE877056 Donna Hightower This World Today Is A Mess 1970
BE877059 Billy Jones Birds Of The Sea 1974
BE877061 Oscar Harris A Day Will Come 1974
BE877072 Rosa King Rosa King And Upside Down 1974
BE877075 Sonora Paramarera Lobi Dee 1975
BE877087 Max Nijman Katibo 1975
BE8917 The Gospel Blues And Spiritual Revival Company Les Humphries Singers Sound 1970
BE899001 Various Artists Caribbean - Ska - Blue Beat - Reggae 1970
BE899002 Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars 1970
BE899004 Kool And The Gang Kool And The Gang 1970
BE899005 Ray Barretto Hard Hands 1968
BE899006 Various Artists Afro Cuban Discotheque Sound 1973
BE899007 Ray Barretto Acid 1969
BE899008 El Chicles The Snake 1972
BE899010 Various Artists Suriname Onafhankelijk 1970
BE899502 Owen Grey How Reggae Is That Elephant Overthere 1970
HDD73 Emmanuel Toussaint Ghislaine 1970
PE811013 Super Funky Discotheque La Bamba 1970
PE877088 Johnny Miranda Faja Lobie 1975